Adding CBD and Hemp Oil to Sex Information

Adding CBD and Hemp Oil to Sex When You Want That Little Something More

Adding CBD and Hemp Oil to sex may have benefits you never considered. When was the last time you listened to someone talking about how their sex life was just too good? Like Never? Everybody wants a sex life that rocks their world, but sometimes life and our bodies can have a negative impact on the results.

Great sex is a lot more than just interactive body parts. Communication, an emotional connection, and even physical compatibility are all considerations. When couples find the right partner, they build and grow with each other. The growth most often leads to each partner building and expanding the relationship.

Many times couples will spice up the playtime, and more and more couples are finding CBD may help.

CBD and Hemp Oil and Performance Stress

Sex is one of the most basic human experiences, yet many people have emotional issues that can hinder the pleasure. Guilt, shame, previous bad experiences, performance anxiety, and many other emotions can affect how your body feels during sex. Sex should be both pleasurable and emotionally satisfying.
In the past, many people have used alcohol to help unwind before sexual activity. Downing a few cocktails can come with a price, hangovers, a bad night of sleep, and some regrets.
CBD, on the other hand, can be a non-intoxicating way to help people relax while looking forward to the night ahead.

Consuming CBD before sexual activity may help release stress and anxiety and not leave someone hungover.

CBD and Sexual Pleasure

Adding CBD to Sex

A preclinical volunteer trial published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has shown that CBD has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. CBD may lower blood pressure and increasing blood flow by expanding arteries and veins in some people.

During sexual activities, sensitive areas such as the head of the penis and the clitoris become engorged with blood. Thus, more blood flow means more sensitivity, increasing pleasure for everyone involved. More studies do need to be done on CBD and all of its possible connections with sexual gratifications.

CBD and Age-Related Sexual Issues

Adding CBD to Sex older people and couples are finding that CBD can be a boon to their love lives.
For example, the anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD can make a big difference to women dealing with the aches and pains often associated with menopause. Also, hormonal changes during menopause can cause less blood flow to the vagina, leading to dryness and decreased sexual pleasure. Small changes to a sexual routine may help many people enjoy a more pleasurable sex life, like adding CBD,

Older men who may also experience sexual performance issues, stemming from prostate inflammation and high blood pressure, may also find benefit from CBD for these same reasons.

NOTE: If you’re taking other medications, please consult your doctor for potential interactions with cannabis, especially before consuming CBD-rich products.

Finding the Best CBD Product

If adding CBD into your sex life has piqued your interest, there is no better time to try it out. Besides, personal research will always be much more rewarding than simply reading about it online.
There are many CBD products on the market, vapes, tinctures, edibles, and topicals are the most popular. You might also wish to combine a few, such as topicals and edibles, experimentation with sexual activities could be fun.

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