CBD and Lube for Sex

CBD-infused lube for sex is not going to make you feel high in the traditional sense. Sure, there’s going to be some heightened feeling down there, but privates aren’t going to have a brain of their own.

What you will feel, however, is turned on. Wherever the lube goes might start feeling warmer and extra sensitive. Couple this with physical relaxation and a little stress relief, and CBD-infused lube is going have you ready to rumble. Clear your schedule, call in sick or turn off your email notifications. Do what you need to do.

Some people have reported that the increased sensitivity and tension relief make their orgasms last longer and feel more intense. It’s like upgrading to a high-definition television after watching your parents’ old black-and-white box with the bunny ears.

Passion Hemp-Aphrodisiac Natural Lube- 8 oz

Passion Hemp is one of the sex lube products currently on the market. It can be found on Amazon at Passion Hemp Lube.

About the product
  • Infused with hemp
  • Skin conditioning formula
  • Mildly scented
  • Water-based for easy cleanup
  • Features vitamins A, C, and E

This hemp infused water-based lube has vitamins A, C, and E which help promote strong and healthy skin. Natural hemp works as an aphrodisiac and provides an extra boost of arousal. The water-based formula is long lasting, cleans easily, and is perfect for toys. Size: 8.5 fl oz. Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract. Color: Clear

CBD and Lube for Sex, Have Fun, Enjoy Life, Spice It Up!

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