CBD Body Butter from CBDPeeps Supplier Receptra

CBD Body Butter from Receptra

CBD-Body-Butter-informationCBD Body Butter to treat your skin to natural health and wellness with Receptra ™. Your skin radiance and glow begin with naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, and essential nutrients that your skin craves. Feed all parts of your body, food for the body, experience for the mind, and body butter for your skin.

Stimulate the body’s natural ability to restore your skin’s youth and appearance with CBD Body Butter.

Now with 400+mg CBD per container, it naturally moisturizes and restores skin’s youthful look and feel.

Made with soothing natural scent accentuated with therapeutic jasmine and camphor. With the additive Vitamin E, this body butter can assist your skin’s ability to remove free radicals.

Being non-toxic, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive, it calms skin irritation and reduces minor blemishes and bruises.



To gain the best results using the topical butter, massage into clean, dry skin, daily or as needed. Do you need joint or muscle relief? Apply to irritated muscle and joint areas for fast results. Apply to blemishes, bruises, wrinkles, and the dry regions of the skin. Be confident in your purchase with a Recepta 30-day money-back guarantee. This product is for external use only.