CBD Box of the Month Top Pick from CBDPEEPS

CBD Box of the Month Top Pick Is Here.

CBD Box of the Month Top Pick s the number 1 pick from us for boxed specials. Check out the current Box of the Month, which includes some of the brand new CBD products that were just released last week. Such as the delicious honey tincture, soothing CBD bath bombs, and some of the most popular CBD products! So enjoy the taste of the new CBD honey tincture and take a relaxing bath with the CBD Bath Bombs before putting on your comfy Diamond CBD slippers and you are ready to chill!

CBD Box of the Month

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Less than
0.3% THC

All of the Diamond CBD products contain 0.3% or less of THC.

Proudly Made
in the USA

All Diamond CBD products are proudly made in the USA

Free Shipping
& Returns

15-day return policy and free shipping on retail orders over $100 in the continental USA.