CBD Drops for Dogs Now With Full 30 Day Supply

CBD Drops for Dogs for an Entire Month!

Honest Paws CBD For DogsThese CBD drops for Dogs are organic full-spectrum hemp and Human-Grade MCT Oil. Most people agree the health benefits of CBD oil for pets are actually comparable to those for humans. One thing is for sure, CBD products are a natural remedy worth looking into.

Recommended Dosage:

Under 25lbs: 1 Full dropper of Level 1 daily (1 ml)
25-50lbs: 1 Full dropper of Level 2 daily (1 ml)
Over 50lbs: 1 Full dropper of Level 3 daily (1 ml)

CBD Drops for Dogs Relaxation

Perhaps the largest topic studied thus far on CBD oil is its use for promoting relaxation in both humans and animals. Today, pet owners who want to promote relaxation in their stressed-out dog, have an all-natural option with CBD oil products.

At the appropriate dose, CBD oil may help maintain normal disposition in your pup!

These drops are from Honest Paws. Honest Paws uses 100% pure, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. Also, their hemp plants are cultivated in Oregon.

The Drops

CBD Drops for Dogs Now With Full 30 Day SupplyThe CBD tinctures come with an easy-to-use dropper that allows pet owners to control the exact dosage of CBD products that their dog is receiving. The CBD drops for dogs come in three levels. These levels are based on weight, so that pet owners can choose what best suits their dog’s individual needs.

The most efficient way to administer CBD oil for dogs is with the dropper that is included in the tincture package. The dropper makes the process easy and simple.

Owners can use the dropper to administer the CBD oil straight into their dog’s mouth. Many customers report that their dog has no qualms regarding the taste of the CBD oil.

However, if you have a picky eater on your hands try mixing the CBD oil into their food or putting it on one of their favorite treats.

Honest Paws is committed to remaining compliant with FDA regulations so that they can continue to provide amazing products for your pets.  This product contains 0.3% or less THC. This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18.

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