CBD Infused Honey Sticks 100 PACK

CBD Infused Honey Sticks 1000mg.

CBD Infused - Honey SticksCBD Infused Honey Sticks (Honey Infused CBD 10mg CBD per stick) are the perfect combination of natural honey and CBD hemp oil. Free of THC, delicious CBD Honey Sticks provide a fast and convenient way to get your CBD anywhere. This CBD-infused honey treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, whether eaten directly or put in a hot tea.

Diamond CBD makes honey sticks in a pack of 100, each of these sticks is infused with 10mg of pure CBD hemp oil harvested from organic industrial hemp plants.

CBD Infused Honey Sticks from Diamond CBD are composed of 100% natural CBD and all-natural honey.

Get CBD Honey Sticks Honey Infused CBD, 10mg, 100-pack, for the sweetest way to take your CBD.

Weight 650 g
Quantity 100
Strength 1000mg

Honey, CBD (cannabidiol).


What is a CBD honey stick?

CBD infused honey sticks are straw-like casings filled with a pleasant mixture of pure honey and CBD.

Why use CBD Honey Sticks?

This sweet treat also gives users an alternative to edibles and tinctures for those who aren’t interested in using a vape pen or dabbing but want to ingest their CBD orally.

How do I use a CBD honey stick?

Remove the CBD honey stick from your purse, backpack, or pocket. Bite or cut off the end of the tube if needed and Suck on the tube as if it’s a straw to receive the goodness that is the honey.