CBD Butter Mints Recipe

This CBD Butter Mints Recipe, from our friends at Discovercbd.com are great treats straight from the freezer when done. Enjoy!

CBD Butter Mints Recipe


1 cup Unsalted Butter at room temperature
1 gram CBD Isolate Powder
140g (1 cup) organic Powdered Sugar
1 tsp Pure Peppermint Flavor
½ tsp Vanilla Paste
pinch of Salt


In a stand mixer bowl with a whisk attachment, add the butter and CBD isolate powder.

Beat on medium speed until the mixture is smooth and creamy, ~2 minutes. Add the powdered organic Powdered Sugar, peppermint flavor, vanilla paste, and salt, then return mixer to medium speed. Beat for ~4 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat until it’s really light and fluffy, and white-ish in color.
Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and reserve space in your freezer for them.CBD Butter Mints
Scoop the mixture into a piping bag with a small round tip. Pipe small buttons onto the baking sheets, then freeze overnight.

Transfer buttermints to an airtight container and freeze to store.

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CBD questions Butter Mints Recipe

What are ButterMints?

Buttermints (Butter Mints) have a smooth, buttery flavor that's somewhat reminiscent of very thick frosting. And they're not necessarily minty at all: The texture of these little crisp-then-creamy confections lends itself very well to warmer flavors like coffee, chocolate, and cinnamon, too.

What is cbd isolate

CBD Isolate is a chemical component derived from cannabis plants. Proponents tout CBD Isolate as the purest form of cannabis, primarily because of the way manufacturers split (or isolate) the CBD from all of the other components of the cannabis plant.

Is buying CBD Isolate the same from everyone?

When shopping for CBD isolate, it’s important to look for products from reputable companies that are lab-tested by a third-party source, ensuring that your isolate doesn’t contain any THC, additional plant materials, or other impurities.

CBD produced in the United States is by far superior to the lower quality extracts imported from overseas. With lenient regulations in countries throughout Europe and China, we urge you to take the time to educate yourself before buying CBD imported from overseas. We support the industry’s most innovative extraction techniques; we work with others who only guarantee the highest quality CBD available.