No Real CBD on AMAZON and Here is Why

CBD on AMAZON has guidelines that explicitly prohibit the sale of CBD products.

CBD on Amazon show products that say CBD; buyers should be aware of misleading and vaguely labeled products. Amazon selling information should be addressedprohibitsand more people need to understand this is NOT the place to be looking for CBD oil.

Business Insider reports that over 100 million people are Amazon Prime members. So, nearly 1/3rd of the US population utilizes this low priced, convenience eCommerce giant regularly. You may love Amazon, you may hate it, but one thing is for sure, Amazon is NOT the place to be shopping for CBD oil.


“At the time of writing, a search for CBD oil on Amazon returns “over 5,000 results”. Viewing the results, you’re met with a wealth of products labeled as “Hemp Oil.” Verbiage matches that across the wider industry – CO2 extracted, lab tests, whole plant, etc. Many products even offer insanely low price points – 240,000mg of CBD for $25.99?”

AMAZON explicitly prohibit the sale of CBD products.


All the products that appear on AMAZON do not actually contain CBD, or they do but are labeled in such a way as to not violate Amazon’s policies. Is this the situation you are looking for when shopping for a product that is going inside your body? I hope not!

Hemp oil and CBD oil can be two different things, and sellers are using the lack of regulations as a way to sell you snake oil. Be safe! Read labels carefully and buy from a company you can trust with your health and welfare.

CBD on AMAZON website has information many places online, but the bottom line is it’s all about the almighty dollar, and the big boys want there to share.

Is all CBD Oil the same?

No, in terms of quality of CBD oil. It is possible to get 30 different CBD oil brands and 30 different qualities, depending solely on the cannabis that was used for extraction, type of extraction used, etc.

Do hemp seeds contain cbd?

Hemp seeds DO NOT contain CBD. Most CBD oils on Amazon are made from CBD hemp seeds.

What is the difference between Amazon “Hemp” Oil vs. Real Cannabis CBD Oil?

Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds. Real Cannabis CBD Oil is made from the plant itself.

Quality, budget-priced CBD products are available.


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