Veterans and CBD Benefits

Veterans and CBD benefits are offering alternative help with common health problems. CBD’s growing list of benefits includes helping individuals who struggle with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and epileptic seizures. That list contains all the typical characteristics of post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury.

The World Health Organization declared CBD safe to use earlier this year. Furthermore, on June 25, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved CBD as a treatment for two forms of epilepsy. The expanding list of medicinal benefits from CBD has gained the attention of major health organizations. The results of the studies can no longer be ignored, as the benefits of CBD are being documented.

Veterans and CBD Benefits

Veterans and CBD Benefits Veterans are twice as likely as non-veterans to die from accidental overdoses involving prescription opioids. A growing number of Veterans are turning to Hemp-based CBD products to move away from their opioid intake, and generally better health. Veterans are using CBD oil, and other CBD products, to treat chronic pain and PTSD.

Like marijuana, hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. But hemp does not contain THC, the chemical that makes you high. Moreover, both hemp and marijuana are classified as Schedule 1 controlled substances. This classification restricts the VA and other federally funded entities from conducting research. The American Legion is leading the push to change that.

From Louis Celli, national director of Veterans Affairs and rehabilitation at the American Legion:

 Veterans and CBD Benefits-“Anything that makes a veteran feel better — especially something that’s non-toxic, is something we’re going to support.”

Many veterans have voiced their concerns when considering the use of CBD. Some veterans believe the CBD might pop up on a random drug test for work.

Does CBD Oil Show up in Drug Tests?

Because there are only trace amounts of THC found in CBD-rich hemp oil, in most cases, it will not cause a positive drug test when consumed at suggested servings. Most drug tests do not detect the presence of CBD (cannabidiol).  Fortunately, the urine drug test for THC and its metabolites is known to have minimal cross-reactivity to cannabinoids that are not psychoactive, such as CBD.

Some studies, however, have shown that eating hemp foods and consuming hemp oils can, in rare cases, cause a positive result in urine and blood tests.

Anyone who is concerned about having a positive drug test should avoid consuming CBD oil.

If you’re in the United States Military, a first responder, or a competitive athlete that’s subject to strict drug testing, we recommend that you not ingest CBD oil before talking with your healthcare, employer, or drug screening company.

Our Hope for Veterans

With the benefits of CBD, many veterans may be able to live a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. Current legislation in the USA is leaning towards making CBD products available from the VA. Obviously, our website is selling CBD products, and we do want to stay in business. However, there is more. No matter where a veteran gets his CBD if it helps his health, that is what truly matters. No matter where you find the right CBD product for you, we hope it helps and will answer any questions you may have about CBD products.

To the U.S.A. Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, and Retired Military Thank You For Your Service!

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